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Summer Colours in November

dsc08239dsc08151dsc08388dsc08267dsc08255dsc08286dsc08358dsc08327dsc08203dsc08411This was my first rainy AND very windy photoshoot, but everything turned out to be fine. My hair just kept flowing so much and at one moment, my umbrella left me. But hey, this is November…

I haven’t been posting for a few weeks now, because the November weather is so wet and dark. When I come home from work, it is too dark to take photos. And that is really bothering me. How do you guys do it?

Yesterday, I went to the baptism of my niece with this dress. It is such a feminine and elegant dress and I am so fond of it! I love midi dresses so much, I think they are so flattering and tend to be warmer in the colder days. I have to say that I could not afford such a dress without it being on sale. But this is a true gem. The colours couldn’t be better chosen. And that Zara coat is such a Kate Spade dupe, it hurts!! Zara is having the most wonderful collections lately, I get crazy there!!

My friends, I wish you a very good week!!

Today I am wearing: Alexis dress, Zara coat, Kate Spade bag, L’f Shoes and a Nars lipstick.



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