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FUEL BOX 301 in Strassen

This whole streetart project is called FUELBOX301 and can be found at 301, route d’Arlon in Strassen. It has been there since September 2016. 21 Luxembourgish artists partnered up to create a selection of wonderful and colourful murals and paintings.

In 2017, the murals are left and they are AMAZING. Read below who painted them and what they stand for. Feel free to go to Strassen and take a look at them!! They are so worth seeing!!

Raphael Gindt

Raphael Gindt is a 23 year old Luxembourgish artist. He has painted murals in a lot of different countries. He is known for mixing painting styles as well as techniques. What is so wonderful about Raphael is that his work is full of emotions. All the people in his paintings are members of his life.

The person in the mural above is his dad. So when you are driving along the route d’Arlon, you can see Raphael’s father in all his colourful glory. I am a huge fan of this kind of emotional painting. Raphael, we are so happy to see your father in Strassen. He looks so kind and wise.

Jo Malano

Jo Malano is another Luxembourgish artist. He paints a lot of natural and botanical themes and these awesome teeth, that I love so much!! The rainbow ombré you can see in Strassen is also by him.


Daniel Mac Lloyd

Daniel Mac Lloyd is another talented streetartist from Luxembourg. He has painted nationally and internationally. Daniel studied engineering and painted murals only for a hobby before 2015. After that he decided to fully concentrate on his passion for art and we are so grateful for that.

Above you can see an amazing creation and composition by Daniel. That bird is so gorgeously drawn. The blue hues are just perfect together!



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