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What makes me happy.

I will use this blogpost to encourage you, my dear reader, to be colourful and cheerful throughout the winter time. It is not always simple to not be moody or annoyed of the cold days. In Luxembourg, the sky is gray and full of clouds from October to March and it is around 0 degrees Celsius. But that does not stop me from being a happy soul. And I am sure, that a lot of readers out there live in much colder temperatures.

What makes YOU happy? A question that I asked myself in this blogpost.

This is what makes me happy.

A good breakfast with fresh fruits and a good „Botterschmiir“ (bread with butter) – the only reason why I am not vegan anymore. I am sorry, but I was really getting moody in the morning without my butter.

My kids in class (I am a primary school teacher) keep making me happy, every single day. No, that is a lie. Not every single day. And then I also tell them: „I wish I could have slept longer. I wish you could just shut your mouth from 8 to 10. I wish my ears wouldn’t function in the morning.“ Because you need to tell the truth sometimes. We all need to tell the truth sometimes. Also in the colder days. Especially then. But I love them so so much. They keep cheering me up. Kids are awesome. And they really have the best humour. My job gives me a lot of strength and energy, and that is why I love it so much.

Spending time with my family. I love my parents and my dear Oli so much. I am an only child, I guess that makes the bond between parents and kid very strong. And Oli is just the most wonderful person I have ever met.

And seeing friends that keep cheering me up! With their wonderful characters. I must say, I need my friends very much to be happy. I love to listen to them, but sometimes I also love to be in the center of their attention. That is the truth. I love to be the clown of the round. That makes me super happy, when people laugh about my jokes.

Lastly, there are my colourful clothes. They are there for me every morning. Here an answer to a question of yours: I do choose my clothes in the morning, not in the evening.

So my friends, what makes you happy? I wish you a lot of courage to be happy and cheerful in the colder days, even if is is not always so simple.

It is autumn in Luxembourg, so it is getting really, really cold. But that doesn’t stop me from being colourful, even if I am always freezing. My feet and hands are cold from October to May. When Oli wants to take my hand, we both get a cold/hot shock. So this year, I try to change something. I want to find beautiful winter boots, does anyone know a cool (colourful) brand of warm footwear ( no Ugg boots though)?

What is the item that you are obsessed with? For me, it’s the coat. I am always on the hunt for special coats. Because I think they make such a difference to an outfit in the colder days. Wearing a bomber that autumn day was not such a brilliant idea. I wish that bomber had an intern heating machine. That would be really good. I need it. Otherwise some of my body parts will soon fall off.

My outfit of today is an explosion of colours and flowers. I had to get this amazing bomber from bando, and Cindy from marleyandalfie (check out her amazing pom pom accessories!!) bought it for me and sent it to me to Luxembourg! I am so grateful that you did this, Cindy. You ARE DA BARGAIN HUNTER QUEEN.

That amazing ice cream necklace has been designed and assembled by the talented Flannery from thesparklebomb. I feel like a real Ghetto gal with that necklace (a cute one though, not a savage one).

These earrings come from Australia and have been designed by Meg. Her online shop is called megmakes. That store is a rainbow heaven for earrings lovers.

The sprinkle clutch is the October clutch from shopstudidiy. That is the best thing ever. For 20 dollars, you get a new clutch every month!!! I mean, whaaat??!! I am already looking so forward every month to see Kelly’s new design! And the clutches have the best quality. For real.


Hi, I'm Anna - a colourful Fashion Blogger and I'm trying to show you the colourful side of Luxembourg.

  • Carolina

    I am a teacher and a colorful soul just like you! I live in a cold country as Canada. Can we have more things in common? Well we know we do! Kisses my dearest Annita!! ❤️

    21. November 2017 at 2:01 Antworten
  • Aender Arnold

    People like you make me happy !

    21. November 2017 at 9:28 Antworten

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